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In article <In article <649@houxa.UUCP>, In article <649@houxa.UUCP>, mel1@houxa.UUCP (M.HAAS) writes:
> Would someone please post a summary of reasons why use of Streams is
> an advantage... is there a reason Streams is better? than sockets?...
> Does the end user see any advantage?...
> Thanks,
> Mel Haas , odyssey!mel

First it is STREAMS, as apposed to Streams, streams, this differenciates it
from a stream based environment.

The primary advantage, for those using ATT based UNIX, is that this is the
only 'real' facility provided in UNIX System V to support networking. It
basically provides the 'structure' that allows layered protocols a
consistent interface to other layers in a somewhat independent manner.
It is not necessarily 'better', but it is a more appropriately structure
for the varying protocols than other implementations (such as the
4.x BSD architecture). Hopefully the 'end-user' doesn't get involved
at this level. ATT's Transport Interface is mostly base on the ISO
transport interface, therefore should map to the emerging interface
standards. I have found that performance is not considerably
different in s STREAMS based vs. 4.x BSD based implemetnation of TCP/IP.

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