How do you break up a B class number?

Kurt Zeilenga (hi!
22 Jul 87 22:47:48 GMT

Does anyone know of any good references for netmasking (subnets)
schemes to split a B class number into various sized networks?

Here's the problem:

We have out grown our present configuration for IP networking. We
have a half dozen or so C class networks (not registered), one of
which is filling rapidly. We will soon be attaching to Internet
and will be using one B class number (registered) for the whole
campus. We would like to split the B into different sized subnets
say of sizes to support 2 (host-host), 14, 62, 254, 2046 hosts.
On NIC's suggestion, we will use all 1s on a given net for broadcast and
reserve all 0s on a given net. There will be at least one gateway
to the outside Internet.

What did you do? If you send your comments to me, I will post a
summary. If not ....

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