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        Recently you mentioned, that 4.3 BSD IP multicast is available.
        How can I get it ?
        Jacob Rekhter (YAKOV @ IBM.COM)

The IP Multicasting extensions described in RFC988 have been implemented
for 4.3bsd Unix by Karen Lam of BBN Labs. This software is available
for experimental purposes to sites that have 4.3bsd source code.
In addition to full support for the RFC988 extensions, the software
includes a prototype "multicast agent" demon which enables a Unix host
to act as an inter-network relay for IP multicast packets, and a version
of Berkeley's "rwhod" that uses multicast instead of broadcast datagrams.

To obtain the software, a site will have to sign a licence with BBN
certifying that they possess a 4.3bsd source license. The software
is distributed on a 1600bpi tar tape and comes with printed installation
and usage notes. Interested parties should contact Craig Partridge
( or

It is important to note that the internetwork multicasting protocols are
still under development and subject to change. Sites that obtain the
software are urged to contact Steve Deering at Stanford University
( who maintains a mailing list for bug
reports, updates, and discussion of changes to the multicast software
and protocols.

   Bob Braden

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