Re: Internet Uselessness

Michael Padlipsky (PADLIPSKY@A.ISI.EDU)
21 Jul 1987 10:03:10 EDT


I certainly did NOT mean to imply that we aren't doing good engineering,
merely that a bit more ruthlessness in extreme situations (which I
attempted to euphemize as "clever engineering") might be in order.
No intention whatsoever to minimize the efforts of the BBN troops
who keep the subnet going, whom I don't recall picking on since '71,
when the IMP's support for halfduplex interfaces wasn't as advertized.
(Horror Story Number Five involved TENEX, of course, but that's not
the subnet.) Will be looking forward to the forthcoming congestion
control stuff.

A quibble over "addressing information": any packet that contains the
destination PSN number is addressed enough for me. My impression was
(indeed, still is), though, that many/most X.25 subnets use the interface
format with just the VC number for packets in flight. I'd be relieved
to learn I'm wrong in general, and am delighted to infer from your msg
that that isn't how it's done on our backbone.

   cheers, map

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