Dennis G. Perry (
Tue 21 Jul 87 06:13:32-EDT

I suppose the reason the TWG will be homed on the Milnet instead
of the Arpanet is that the sponsor suggested the Milnet. Remember that
someone in the government pay for every connection to the Milnet or
the Arpanet. The Arpanet cost me about $3500 per port connection per month.
I am not sure what the Milnet connections cost.

Yes, there is a fuzzing of the lines between Milnet and Arpanet. As
turnover at the DDN PMO more and more of the history of the Arpanet
and the reason for the split into the Milnet and Arpanet is lost, and
therefore the definition of why each exists is lost. A strong tendency
exists already to consider them as equal nets, with little distinction
between them or little appreciation of what the experimental Arpanet
can do for the operational Milnet.


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