Re: Berkeley (not Wollongong) telnet and new line processing

Eric Norman (
21 Jul 87 05:37:41 GMT

John A. Shriver explains:

> In user Telnet, you should send <CR><LF> when the user types whatever
> the "doit!" key is on that system. On a VMS system, that would be

What has always bothered me about RFC 854, et al. is that there is a
clear statement of the physical effect that CR's and LF's have on the
printer of a NVT. However, I can see no clear statement that the
sequence CR-LF means "it's your turn now". This is muddied by the
fact that there is a "go ahead" signal, but it's not necessary.

I look at it this way, which seems to agree with what John suggests.
I have a keyboard here that I push keys on. When I push a key, one
or more characters are sent off to some computer over some wires.
When I push the key labelled "return", something happens so that I
get a response from the computer on the other end. If back-to-back
NVT's are spliced into the wire between my keyboard and that computer,
I would hope that that behavior doesn't change.

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