Re: PD TCP/IP requests

John Gilmore (ptsfa!hoptoad!
21 Jul 87 03:37:52 GMT

charny@GATEWAY.MITRE.ORG (M. Charny) wrote:
> Subject: Re: PD TCP/IP requests
> MITRE is not in the business of distributing or maintaining software. Devices
> and software created by MITRE are prototypes created for particular sponsors.
> The programs are available to the outside world according to the conditions
> and procedures listed below.
> -- they agree to the four conditions listed below
> (please explicitly list the conditions in the letter).
> i. The MITRE TCP/IP source files will not be passed on to
> any third party.

How can this software be called "public domain" if it can't be passed on?

Also, I am interested in who actually owns this software. If it was
written on contract for the government, it is owned by the government,
as a work for hire. Since the government cannot copyright things it owns,
(this is explicit in the Copyright Act), this would mean that the code is
in the public domain, and MITRE has no right to put these kind of restrictions
on it.

I presume that whoever contracted to have MITRE do this work is on the net.
Or their DARPA sponsor is on the net. Can you clarify the ownership of the
code and the origin of these restrictions?

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