Re: Wollongong TCP/IP for VAX/VMS (Really NRC's Fusion TCP/IP)

Bob Tomlinson (
21 Jul 87 00:23:50 GMT

in article <in article <670@julian.UWO.CDN>, in article <670@julian.UWO.CDN>, peter@julian.UUCP says:
>> You might also tell DEC about it, since they sell TWG software
>>for VMS as the official VAX?VMS TCP/IP product.
> In my last conversation with Digital about this, they said that Digital
> had had so much support trouble with The Wollongong Group that they were now
> recommending the Fusion product for TCP/IP under VMS.
> I suppose that this might be just a Canadian phenomenon.

I don't think it's just a Canadian phenomenon. I've heard similar things here.
We're using Fusion TCP/IP for VMS here. We mainly use it to communicate
with 4.3bsd VAXs and Suns. My main complaint with them now is they don't
have a domain name system resolver. Does anybody else out there use Fusion


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