Re: Gateway problem

Mike Brescia (brescia@CCV.BBN.COM)
Mon, 20 Jul 87 11:45:51 -0400

     I have been unable to access the milnet directly from such hosts.
     /etc/ifconfig ub0 -trailers arp


Ask yourself the following question:

How will other hosts on the MILNET, and other gateways farther away, know how
to reach net 92?

You should go to your provider of operating system software, which you said is
4.2BSD unix, and ask them about configuring the gateway software for this
setup. The key to answering the question I posed above is the program which
handles the "Exterior Gateway Protocol" (EGP), which should be provided as
part of your network software.

Also, you need to address the NIC to get a registered network number for your
Ungermann-Bass net, as well as an Autonomous System number (related to the
EGP). Send your inquiry to ''.


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