Wollongong telnet and new line processing

William R. King (cbosgd!cwruecmp!abvax!wrk@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
17 Jul 87 20:24:31 GMT

I've been tyring to get our BSD 4.3 VAX to talk to a VAX/VMS
system using Wollongong telnet and have discovered an interesting
problem. Unix uses \n as the line terminator, but VMS interpetes
that as 'delete the word to the left of the cursor'. So imagine
        % telnet vms_node

        Username: GUEST
                       and here you type a return.

Unix translate the \r into a \n and sends it across the net
to the VMS machine which promptly deletes the word GUEST. This
makes logging in a little difficult.

I've modified telnet to send a \r instead of a \n for the line
terminator. Although I think this is only a work around.

I say this because if you are connect to the Unix machine
via a direct line everything works fine. This problem only
occurs when you are connected via a pty. We use Bridge
cs/1 terminal servers almost exclusivly, hence you are always
connected to a pty and never to a direct line.

This leads me to think that the problem lies somewhere in the
pty driver. Anyone have any ideas?

Bill King

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