Re: Ethernet meltdowns

Bob Braden (
Fri, 17 Jul 87 13:27:36 PDT


Your interpretation of the IP broadcast address situation is at variance
from the "official" interpretation in RFC-1009. The issue is one on
which reasonable and informed Internetters can and have disagreed,
on this mailing list and elsewhere, and there probably is not a "right"
answer. However, we did make a decision, and gave the Internet community
plenty of chance to read and comment on RFC-1009 before it was
published. As a matter of fact, the IP broadcast address was not
an issue on which anybody made a comment (and there WERE plenty of
comments and commenters on the RFC-985+ draft!).

I suspect that you will now go read RFC-1009, and be suitably outraged.
All outraged messages to Jon Postel or myself on the contents of RFC-1009
will be read, considered carefully, and if the arguments are irrefutable,
will influence a future revision to the RFC.

   Bob Braden

PS I think you make a mistake by dismissing the IP multicasting mechanism.
A 4.3BSD implementation is available today for anyone who wants it.

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