Wollongong TCP/IP for VMS

GBURG::ENGER (enger%gburg.decnet@bluto.scc.com)
16 Jul 87 22:26:00 EST

A number of individuals have criticized Wollongong for having many bugs and
shortcomings in their TCP/IP for VMS product. Other individuals provide
testimonials about how Wollongong provided help, once informed of the problem.

I found out that Wollongong has been trying to get connected to the Internet
for some time. They wish to improve their service by being able to provide
help across the net (as SUN Microsystems, and other responsible vendors do).

It has been said that a number of government sites are in need of help with
their Wollongong TCP/IP software. Would it not make sense to contact the
network administrators and request some expediting of Wollongong's Internet

Bob Enger

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