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The Right Person is The Right Person is Some relevent traffic included
below for context.

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>In article <353@louie.udel.EDU>, Joel Garrett (garrett@udel.EDU) writes:
>> I've been hearing a lot of talk about a VMS implementation of TCP/IP
>> from either Tektronix or SRI. Who can I get in contact with for more
>> information about this product?
>Some time back, I was asked this question by mail. After a bit of
>calling around inside Tektronix, I wound up talking to The Right Person.
>The answer (for the Tektronix software) is, "Call your local Tektronix
>field office." (I don't know the answer for SRI.)
> Steve Rice
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>We have been using TWG on our VMS VAXs in a subnetted environment without
>problems major problems for almost two years. In fact, for about 6 months,
>we used a VAX8600 running VMS4.2 and TWG to drive two ethernets and 4 T1 lines,
>until we switched to ULTRIX, ( I was not in favor of using a VAX/VMS as an
>ip gateway but at that time we had no choice ).
> -- Sergio
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