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I have sent the following information to several people who have
asked about this. I hope it is helpful to you.

Manette Charny


The MITRE Corporation has produced several prototype implementations of
devices using the Department of Defense (DoD) communication protocols
TCP, IP, ARP, ICMP, and TELNET. Most of the implementations use the
CMOS/DMOS operating systems also produced by MITRE. The programs are
written in "C" language and Motorola 68000 assembler. The programs
are maintained on a SUN3 workstation running Berkely 4.2 UNIX.

MITRE is not in the business of distributing or maintaining software. Devices
and software created by MITRE are prototypes created for particular sponsors.
The programs are available to the outside world according to the conditions
and procedures listed below. **Please note that distribution is done on
a time available basis and therefore delivery turn-around time cannot
be guaranteed.**

The software is distributed free of charge. In order to obtain
a copy of this software, the requester should send to one of the
below listed people:

1. 2400 foot reel of 1/2 inch magnetic tape capable of handling 1600 bpi.

2. Letter, on your company letterhead, indicating the following:
        -- who they are
        -- short synopsis (2-3 sentences) about
                what our software is to be used for
        -- equipment and operating system being used by them.
        -- tape format desired:
                only format possible is Berkely 4.2 UNIX tar, 1600 bpi,
                and any blocking factor 1 through 20. (20 by default)
        -- they agree to the four conditions listed below
                (please explicitly list the conditions in the letter).

                i. The MITRE TCP/IP source files will not be passed on to
                        any third party.

                ii. MITRE will be credited should the software be used
                        in a product or written about in any publication.
                        However, MITRE will not be referenced as the
                        source in advertisements.

                iii. MITRE assumes no legal responsibility for source
                        code and its subsequent use. No warranty is
                        expressed or implied.

                iv. If any bugs or problems are found they will
                        be reported back to MITRE.

NOTE: These programs are not commercial quality, but do work.
  A good 'hacker' can learn to build 'boxes' by studying the 'config',
  'table', and 'Makefiles' in the directories 'box/diag/testV',
  'box/testV/1822', 'box/hfe', and 'box/gate_egp'.

The current contact(s) for the TCP/IP distribution tape are:

                Manette Charny
                Mailstop: W425
                1820 Dolley Madison Blvd.
                McLean, VA 22102
                (703) 883-6728
                ARPANET: ARPANET: charny@mitre-gateway

                Daryl Crandall
                Mailstop: W429
                1820 Dolley Madison Blvd.
                McLean, VA 22102
                (703) 883-7278
                ARPANET: ARPANET: daryl@mitre-gateway

Documents describing the OS and the TCP/IP implementation can be obtained
from MITRE document control.

        "CMOS, A Portable Operating System in C"
        Gilbert R. Berglass
        MITRE Technical Report: MTR-84W00071

        "DMOS, A Portable Distributed Operating System in C"
        Shiraz G. Bhanji
        MITRE Technical Report: MTR-85W00206

        "Implementation of the BBN 1822 Host-to-IMP Protocol in a CMOS
        Manette Charny
        MITRE Working Paper: WP-84W00223

        "The MITRE Implementation of MIL-STD 1777: The Internet Protocol"
        William S. Morgart
        MITRE Working Paper: WP-86W??? (not released yet!)

        "TCP/IP" Interface Specifications for CMOS Systems"
        Daryl O. Crandall
        MITRE Working Paper: WP-86W00180

        "TCP/IP" Diagnostic Package for CMOS Systems"
        Daryl O. Crandall
        MITRE Working Paper: WP-86W??? (not released yet!)

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