FUWO, the real story...

robert a woodburn (woody@MACOM3)
Wed, 10 Jun 87 16:19:39 EDT

It turns out that, as do many UNIX problems, that my kernel "bug" had
nothing whatsoever to do with compiling or configuring the kernel. I
did everything right, I just hadn't put the executable in the appropriate
place. Our configuration at M/A-COM consists of a server and three
clients. The three diskless clients boot via tftpboot which loads them
up with vmunix. However, they do NOT boot up with the vmunix located in
the root partition, but rather are configured to boot from a common file
in the public partition (I still haven't found what file sets that
configuration, but anyway...) I had done the following on the client I was
testing the kernel on:
  mv /vmunix /vmunix.old
which is just a pointer to the common file in /pub

Now, I copied in the new kernel to /vmunix and rebooted.

What I didn't know is that the client was still booting from /pub/vmunix
since the boot process ignores the clients actual copy of vmunix.

Anyway, to make a long story short, anytime I needed to look at the
vmunix executable (ps, uptime, etc) I was using the offsets specified
in the new kernel, but was still running the old. It just wasn't real
obvious, since I didn't setup the server and client configuration to
begin with. Now, before I get the hook for being long winded about a
subject that has absolutely nil to do with tcp-ip... g'day...

                        Thanks again to those who quickly jumped
                        to my aid.

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