Re: Automatic IP address assignment

Jeffrey I. Schiller (jis@BITSY.MIT.EDU)
Tue, 9 Jun 87 12:17:09 EDT

        I have been working on and off on a protocol to assign IP
addresses on the fly. The idea being based on a combination of ARP and
an RARP mechanism. I am putting together a document that I will
submit as an RFC after I have done some coding and made sure it is a
"sane" approach.

        It is a "configurationless" protocol. Ie. you don't preassign
an IP address to some Ethernet address in advance of first use.
Instead the first time a new machine (actually new ethernet address)
shows up on the network it is assigned a semi-permanent IP address WHICH
IT HAS TO DEFEND by responding to ARPS for its address. The biggest
problem with using it on PCs is that (at least with PC/IP) when a PC
isn't using a network application, it is deaf to the network. Is this
still true with PC-NFS, or is the network software always active?
Ifso then this protocol might work for you.

        I actually have a draft of this document but have been
hesitant to give it much distribution until I test it. However if
there is sufficient interest I can make it available (provided people
respect its draft status).


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