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31 May 87 06:41:05 GMT

In article <8705141842.AA28803@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, JERRY@STAR.STANFORD.EDU writes:
> [...] Van Jacobsen at LBL developed an interface called DBRIDGE that
> allows IP packets to be sent over DECNET. The way it works is the
> two hosts on either side of a DECNET link install this software that
> uses DECNET mailboxes to communicate between them. The packets that
> they are transferring are IP packets. Then a dummy interface is put
> into the kernel that knows to give IP packets to the dbridge process
> for transmission over DECNET.

Fascinating. Sounds just like what I wrote to perform exactly the same
function (except I called mine `dnip'). Initial version looked like
point-to-point links; current version is a "virtual Ethernet" - a full
broadcast interface. Not very efficient in its use of DECnet resources
though; it keeps O(n*n) DECnet connections open all the time, where n
is the number of hosts on the virtual Ethernet. (Eventually, of
course, I intend to fix this.)

> Both Wollongong and SRI products make this software available.

And if anyone wants a non-commercial version (with the benefits and the
disadvantages thereof), send me mail. At present I have it running
only on MicroVAX Ultrix 1.2; I can't promise anything else. (Requires
source to install without nasty hackery.)

                                        der Mouse


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