Re: tn3270 model

Sat, 06 Jun 87 11:41 PDT

> I think the model (continues to be) how the IBM "PVM" (IBM's
> telnet-style program for VM systems) does it. I think that someone with
> PVM devleopment experience (and thus an IBMer) would be very useful
> in this endeavour.

I think that this is the wrong model. A better model is IBM/VTAM.

This does NOT require VTAM experience, VTAM transmits 3270 data
streams transparently. (Once you get to transparent mode there
is nothing to do!)

The 3270 data stream has it's own internal "terminal type" query
support, why not just use it. It would be simple to require all
network "3270"s to support query even if the query response is
just a pre-canned "dumb" response.

Note that at least some tn3270 type programs will have to
support query anyway for graphics or other special features.

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