Re: A fuzzy proposal

Hans-Werner Braun (hwb@MCR.UMICH.EDU)
Sat, 6 Jun 87 10:08:48 EDT


Why don't you leave the *'s out, as they seem redundant. All you are asking
for is to leave host parts out to allow for net and subnet connections.
It's obvious without marking explicit *'s. In fact, may be addresses not
fully qualified (like 192.5.8) should be followed by a bit mask, to allow
for subnets. E.g.:

 GATEWAY :, (35.128 : : MERIT-DIRECT
 GATEWAY :, (35.1.128 : : CITI

Another possibility would be to use zeroes instead:

 GATEWAY :, ( : : CITI

Note that the Merit packet switching nodes allow for the same addressing
flexibility Fuzzballs do. However due to some of the limitations you outlined
we will soon be able to "let devices know (additionally) what address they
should use." This is important for, e.g., ARPs if you have more then one
Ethernet interface.

        -- Hans-Werner

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