Re: Netbioses and VT100-Telnet

James B. VanBokkelen (JBVB@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Fri, 5 Jun 87 21:21:34 EDT

A couple of notes on Santtu ?Miki?'s posting:

Excelan and Ungermann/Bass have TCP/IP NETBIOSs for the PC available now,
but neither conforms to the RFCs, and because of this, they don't
interoperate. I have heard rumors that Excelan will upgrade theirs to
conform to the RFCs by early 4th quarter. I have no idea what U/B
is up to, although I assume they're hard at work as well. When FTP
Software's NETBIOS is available, it will conform to the RFCs.

I have seen postings that suggested that Excelan either had a VMS NETBIOS
(non-RFC-compatible), or was working on one (which could be planned for
compatibility). I have no more facts, except that I am quite sure that
neither MICOM-Interlan, The Wollongong Group, Network Research Corp.,
nor SRI (all vendors of VMS packages, see the Vendors Guide) have any
NETBIOS support for VMS as of this date.

I know that Telnets with VT100 emulators for the PC are available from
Beame & Whiteside, Bridge, Excelan, FTP Software, The Wollongong Group
Sun, and U/B, either separately, or as part of a larger TCP/IP package
for the PC. U/B and Excelan require the use of the manufacturer's Ethernet
board, and Bridge & TWG only support the 3Com dumb interface. Last I
knew, NRC's package didn't have terminal emulation as such (their Telnet
relied on ANSI.SYS), but that could have changed recently. FTP is the
only company that offers a VT100 Rlogin, but that doesn't cut much ice
against a VMS...

The only one I've worked with is the one I maintain (FTPs). It does a
straight VT100, less smooth scroll, 132 column mode, and double height/
double width. The release due out July 1 has no-snow CGA operation added.
All function keys are handled, and the keypad layout works fairly well
with EDT on VMS. Last I knew, Excelan had roughly the same layout, but
I've never actually used it against a VMS.
James B. VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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