Re: tn3270

Fri, 05 Jun 87 14:58:17 PDT

        Needless to say, a standard would be very welcome. It should
be planned to be released as an RFC.

        Many people have asked about 3279, 3179, etc. I think the point
is that the standard needs to address "3270 over telnet", where all of
the above are in the class "3270". Peter is right that in general the 3179
G graphics are nice; but sometimes programmed symbols are nice. The point
is we should allow "everything".

        I think the model (continues to be) how the IBM "PVM" (IBM's
telnet-style program for VM systems) does it. I think that someone with
PVM devleopment experience (and thus an IBMer) would be very useful
in this endeavour.

        Anyway, I'm very interested in contributing to such a standard.


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