Re: Netbioses and VT100-Telnet
Fri, 5 Jun 87 17:45 O

A few weeks ago I sent the following request to PC-IP and TCP-IP
mailing lists:

>Where can I find the following products:
>1. Netbios on TCP/IP for IBM PC/AT and 3Com Ethernet controllers.
>2. VT100-Telnet (supporting function keys) for IBM PC/AT.
>3. Netbios on TCP/IP for VAX/VMS.

Here are the most interesting responses I got:




       Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd. have a VT100/VT52 - Telnet program
that runs on IBM PC/XT/AT machines using a 3Com EtherLink board. This
emulator includes a fully definable keyboard (every letter, function key).
The emulator also uses hardware scrolling for fast no-snow output (EGA
support also).

        This program comes with TCP/IP but NOT NetBios. More information
can be obtained from me or :

Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd.
259 Fiddler's Green Road
Ancaster, Ontario
Canada L9G 1W9

        - Carl Beame

P.S: I wrote the program, so notice the bias.

From: minshall%opal.Berkeley.EDU@BERKELEY.EDU

Hi. Your items 1 and 2 can probably be gotten from Ungermann-Bass.
Possibly from Excelan and 3COM also (though I don't know for sure).

Greg Minshall


    I am not sure about documents for the specific implementations
that you mentioned, but RFC1001 and RFC1002 specify how to do NETBIOS
over TCP/IP networks. They are available via anonymous FTP from

From: Dave Crocker <>

You might try contacting Lantec, for all of your needs.

Their postal address is:

    Postboks 171 Olavsgt. 39B
    3601 Kongsberg

    Phone is +47-3-73-6880


From: cmcl2!!cucard!naftoli%harvard@husc6.BITNET

Excelan makes a netbios over TCP/IP which works ok. We have
run the IBM PC network over it with no apprarent problems.

Robert N. Berlinger
Supervisor of Systems Support				Compuserve: 73047,741
Albert Einstein	College	of Medicine			Easylink:   62956067
UUCP: ...$philabs,cucard,pegasus,rocky2!aecom!naftoli  GEnie:	   R.Berlinger

From: John Romkey <ROMKEY@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>

Try getting in touch with FTP Software. (617) 868-4878. The address is: FTP Software, Inc. PO Box 150 Kendall Square Branch Boston, MA 02140 USA

FTP will be releasing a NetBIOS on TCP this summer, and already has a VT100 telnet available.

I am associated with FTP, so I do have some interest in these matters... - john romkey -------------------------------------------------------------------


A rather complete TCP/IP package for IBM PC/XT/AT's that includes a VT100 Telnet is available from:

FTP Software, Inc. P.O. BOX 150 Kendall Square Branch Boston, MA 02142 (617) 864-1711

The stuff for the VAX running under VMS is available from:

The Wollongong Group, Inc. 1129 San Antonio Road P.O. Box 51860 Palo Alto, CA 94303 (415)962-7100

Wollongong also has a TCP/IP for the PC.

Another source for these packages would be:

Network Research Corp. 2380 North Rose Avenue Oxnard, CA 93030 (805)485-2700

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