Help Wanted - TCP/IP -> Sys V

Robert Dal Santo (munnari!moncskermit!basser!uqcspe!psych!
4 Jun 87 05:31:48 GMT

        We are running System V.2 on a Perkin Elmer 3210. PE's port
of Sys V is called Xelos.

        We have just purchased a Micro Vax II and want to get the two talking
over an ethernet.


        The PE doesnt talk TCP/IP, and we have sources for Xelos, but not
for Ultrix, so we want to get pseudo TCP/IP on the PE under Sys V (Xelos).
The easiest would be to get an intelligent TCP/IP ethernet board, but thats
unlikely. The other possibility is to 'graft' TCP/IP into our Sys V kernel.
This looks to be no minor task.

        Is there anyone out there who has grafted TCP/IP into a Sys V
kernel ? Even a partial graft, as we would be quite happy if we could just
copy files between the two machines, and we could build from there.

        Please respond by E-mail.


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