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>We here at OSU have just recently decided that we would purchase a VAX 8350 and
>run ULTRIX on it. We currently are running a VAX 11/780 with VMS. We would
>like to run DECNet to the two machines for file transferr, mail, etc. (our
>first attempt at DECNetting anything). We would then like to run a TCP/IP
>link on the 8350 to do the terminal interface. The first problem arises in
>the fact that there are very few DEC people who know anything about ULTRIX,
>much less TCP/IP. This is also our first attempt at providing a campus wide
>UNIX (at least a derivative) system, and also our first attempt at TCP/IP
>networking. In other words, we are stepping into unknown and previously
>untouched areas. To get on with it, my questions may be simple to you but
>are still confusing to me.
>Problem one. Can ULTRIX, or 4.2 BSD (since it is supposedly not changed by
>DEC) support both a DECNet link and a TCP/IP link at the same time without

Here at Ames, we are running both TCP/IP and DECNET on an 11/780 using
Ultrix. There have been no problems that I am aware of.

>Problem two. Does ULTRIX do very well talking to terminal servers such as
>the ANNEX UX on TCP/IP?

Yes, it works fine. We have tested Ultrix with the Annex. No problems.

>The reason for going to the TCP/IP connection for terminals is based on the
>fact that we don't want to lock ourselves into $'s of DEC hardware for

This is good reasoning in my opinion.

I have no experience with the 8350. Sorry. We do have an 8650 running VMS, and
I have been impressed by its speed.

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