Re: tn3270 draft proposal

Juan Collas (jcollas@XN.LL.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 3 Jun 87 13:27:49 EDT


About time, too. I did the Fibronics KNET tn3270 over telnet server. For
documentation on the protocols I relied on a few telnet option RFCs and
Greg Minshall's BSD TN3270 client telnet program.

The lack of a spec caused some minor problems that are probably still
uncorrected (ie negotiating for EOR).

Have you thought about standardising for 3279s? color over telnet could
be very nice. (I hear the groans of disgust already ...) How about dealing
with graphics over 3279s? Differences in MVS vs VM SBAs? (I think that's
a moot point, though).

I'm sure you've already had these ideas. I'd be interested in getting a copy
of the proposal.

        -Juan Collas, MIT Lincoln Labs

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