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Ross Patterson (
Tue, 02 Jun 87 10:22:03 EDT

> I inquired of a Network Solutions salesperson after one of their
> presentations at the conference in Monterey this past March, and
> he said that their DDN/MVS did not support 3270-mode telnet.
>There must have been some misunderstanding about the question or the
>answer. DDN/MVS is based on the UCLA MVS code, which certainly does
>support 3270-mode Telnet, and always has. I have a tn3270 icon on my
>Sun screen, which I occasionally open to log into TSO on the UCLA 3090
>and use PDF in full-screen. Now that the ARPANET is back from the dead,
>it works quite snappily, too.
>Bob Braden

    Not to question an authority in the field (and an author of the
code), but couldn't NSI have simply recompiled the modules affected by
the TN3270 support, and thus turned it off? UCLA ships this support
in object code, not in source, and it is very nicely compartmentalized
to allow one to turn it off. In fact, the installation manual warns
that recompiling these modules will have exactly that effect. I can
see where vendors might not want to offer code that they cannot
support, and might therefore excise it.

Ross Patterson
Rutgers University

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