Re: TN3270

James B. VanBokkelen (JBVB@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Mon, 1 Jun 87 23:11:40 EDT

        I inquired of a Network Solutions salesperson ... and
        he said that their DDN/MVS did not support 3270-mode telnet.

    There must have been some misunderstanding about the question or the
    answer. DDN/MVS is based on the UCLA MVS code, which certainly does
    support 3270-mode Telnet, and always has....

    Bob Braden

This is what I get for answering my mail while far from my references.
I know that one of the mainframe packages doesn't have TN3270. Is it
C.I.S.C.O. (not the Bay area gateway people) that doesn't?


BTW: I'm still not on the list. Has there been any further discussion of
the RFC issue? Also, am I simply not aware of an official MIT redistribution
point? If so, could someone inform me whom to contact?

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