Re: TN3270

Bob Braden (
Mon, 1 Jun 87 11:22:11 PDT

        I inquired of a Network Solutions salesperson after one of their
        presentations at the conference in Monterey this past March, and
        he said that their DDN/MVS did not support 3270-mode telnet.

There must have been some misunderstanding about the question or the
answer. DDN/MVS is based on the UCLA MVS code, which certainly does
support 3270-mode Telnet, and always has. I have a tn3270 icon on my
Sun screen, which I occasionally open to log into TSO on the UCLA 3090
and use PDF in full-screen. Now that the ARPANET is back from the dead,
it works quite snappily, too.

Bob Braden

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