request for network number assignment

Heinz Naef (
Tue, 14 Apr 87 17:01:22 +0100

Dear Sirs,
we have installed a network of different UNIX systems that are attached to an
Ethernet LAN. Today, the network consists of less than 10 hosts, some diskless
workstations and PC's with TCP/IP support. The network will grow soon and we
are planning to divide it into subnetworks using the internetwork routing
facilities existing at our systems.
To be ready for a connection to ARPAnet at a later time, I would like to get
a class B network number assigned. In addition, please let me know what the
conditions are for us as a commercial institution in the scientific area to
get attached to ARPAnet. What is the nearest ARPAnet node for us, and which
protocol is used to attach our main mail system to it (is it DDN 1822 HDH or
X.25 standard or basic protocol)?
Thanks for your information and probable activities arising at your side.
Best regards,
Heinz Naef (Heinz Naef (whna@cgcha.UUCP)

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