Draft of Revised AHIP (1822) available

Mike StJohns (StJohns@SRI-NIC.ARPA)
13 Apr 1987 06:31-PDT

A draft of proposed revisions to the Arpanet Host Interface
Protocol (AHIP) is available on the NIC [] or
[] under the name "PS:<IETF>AHIP-E.TXT".

This is a revision to AHIP as originally specified in BBN report
1822. This document is available for public comment for the next
six weeks at which time it will be revised and the final version
issued as a standard. Please send your comments to the address
listed in the document, NOT to this list, and not to me.

This document is being circulated for review because of the
possibility of the MILNET exceeding in size the current
addressing limitations of 256 packet switches.


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