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Mon, 13 Apr 87 07:17 EST

>We will soon be making the change from Bridge XNS
>to TCP-IP on our network. I am not sure that we
>are looking forward to this change (well at least
>those who will have to make the change and take
>responsiblity for it). Is there anyone on the net
>who has made this change? If so I would like to
>have some input on the following:
>1.) How about a general comment on Bridges release
> of TCP-IP.

     We are doing this at Northeastern University. So far it seems to
work as advertised (sort of, I'll get to this in a minute)

>2.) When making the change over is there a way that
> the current network configurations can be copied
> over so that we don't have to re-enter all of the
> port configs?

     Not that I know of. This is a pain!

>3.) I have been told that the current release of
> TCP-IP will boot remotely from our central NCS-150
> controller. Is this true? I have not made contact
> with our Bridge reps yet (seems that this is not
> my responsiblity).

     My books say the same thing but we haven't tried this yet. Ask me
in a few weeks if you haven't done it yet.

>4.) Can anyone out there address the issue of
> compatibility with other TCP-IP networks?

     It seems to work with Sun systems as that is what we're doing right
now. Soon I hope to be working Bridge TELNET with MICOM's
Board/software for VAX/VMS. MICOM said that would work when I asked
them at the TCP conference in March. I'll be beta testing some stuff
for MICOM. I'll find out.

>I have to try to be honest with you folks on the
>net. This is really an attempt to Cover My A..
>when this new software arrives. I hope things will
>go smoothly but who can say. I personally feel if
>it ain't broke - don't fix it.

     Always good to cover your ... Anyway, the one problem I had with
the TCP Bridge box was the following.

     The box of course needs an IP address, To do this the
box I've got has ROM code debug software with a system generation
option. The catch came when I looked at the debug menu through the
command port. There wasn't any generation option listed.

     We called Bridge and read them the menu. They were a bit concerned
that the option wasn't listed but said, "Try <generating code>." (I
wrote it down someplace. It's either GE or GN) The option wasn't
listed but it did run. After that it was obvious what to do. Choice 3
took me through the "give box an address" path and everything worked.

     Note that this is specific to the TCP software. The XNS system
generation won't do it.

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