Re: FTP client program

Joe I. Herman (dzoey@terminus.UMD.EDU)
Sun, 12 Apr 87 12:33:42 EST

No doubt you will get many replies, but here's the info on how to listen
for a data connection.

The well know data port for FTP is port 20. You can change this by
issuing the PORT command to the host before you issue a STOR or
RETR. I forget the exact syntax for the PORT command, but it's in
the RFC.


user wants to stor data:

client: PORT x
server: {200,250} PORT command okay
client: listen on x
client: STOR foo
server: {150,125} Establishing connection {opens a tcp connection to port x}

If you want more info, I'll be glad to help.
                                Joe Herman

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