Re: Submission for mod-protocols-tcp-ip

Tai Jin (tai%hpltyj@hplabs.HP.COM)
Sat, 11 Apr 87 18:45:51 pdt

|Speaking of HP's..
|We have HP 9000/200 and /300 machines. While the /300 have full
|networking (psuedo BSD), the /200 machines do not have any networking
|hardware available for them. (according to our HP rep) We are running
|HP/UX on them.
|Am I wrong in assuming that there really is no future for networking
|the /200 machines or that they might become very expensive to have
|networking on ?
| Samudra E. Haque

The 9000/200 is virtually identical to the 9000/300 series. That is,
they can run the same software (kernel is different though) and use the
same networking hardware. However, the 200 is no longer supported; the
5.17 release of HP-UX is the last release which works for the 200 series.

On the other hand, I've built a 5.17 kernel with the latest networking code
(5.3) for use with the 200 series.


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