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In article <In article <5985@dartvax.UUCP>, In article <5985@dartvax.UUCP>, richb.UUCP@dartvax.UUCP (Richard E. Brown) writes:
> I wasn't paying much attention a couple of months ago, but I seem
> to remember that someone said that there was an implementation of
> TCP on HP3000 computers.
Speaking of HP's..

We have HP 9000/200 and /300 machines. While the /300 have full
networking (psuedo BSD), the /200 machines do not have any networking
hardware available for them. (according to our HP rep) We are running
HP/UX on them.

Am I wrong in assuming that there really is no future for networking
the /200 machines or that they might become very expensive to have
networking on ?

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