Re: XNS to TCP-IP changeover on Bridge Hardware.

Steven M. Miller (
11 Apr 87 01:26:28 GMT

In article <531@pdp.cs.OHIOU.EDU>, shapiro@pdp.cs.ohiou.EDU (brian shapiro) writes:
> We will soon be making the change from Bridge XNS to TCP-IP on our network.
> 1.) How about a general comment on Bridges release of TCP-IP.
Doesn't come very close to the quality of their XNS stuff. They are
way behind with this software (*supposedly* they are working to bring it
up to snuff). If you use your bridges for dial-in uucp then your in trouble.
(some people have claimed that there are ways to get around this, namely
the 'f' protocol, but I've yet to get it to go)

> 3.) I have been told that the current release of TCP-IP will boot remotely
> from our central NCS-150 controller. Is this true?
Yes. (If only they supported booting from a host...)

> 4.) Can anyone out there address the issue of compatibility with other
> TCP-IP networks?
Even though the tcp software supports a subnet mask, the software is
only at the level of 4.2bsd tcp.

My personal preference is for Encore's Annex, but since you already
went with Bridge...


Steve Miller, UMD Computer Science, steve@cs-gw.D.UMN.EDU

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