Little delights

Fri, 10 Apr 87 15:11:07 EST


Thought you might enjoy a couple of creepycrawlers that wandered past
our gateways recently. One was a 'gram from to, which
showed up at dcn-gw ( The most beguiling explanation is that
somebody uncorked a 4.2 Unix on the ARPANET and turned on rwho. I still
have to explain why that 'gram showed up here, unless maybe the dude
is running 4.3 Unix and is trying to find a boot server. Maybe I should provide a
suitable core image? That's even more beguiling.

Observed on linkabit-gw ( yesterday were a number of creatures
apparently hatched on net 128.174. Some of these were from one subnet to
the all-zeroes address on another subnet, while others were to the net (sic)
broadcast address of all ones. While that suggests broken subnets, my
intrigue is spiked by curious fact the buggers showed up half way across the

I know there is a logical explanation for this infestation and will (wearily)
pursue it. Meanwhile, it's the chuckles that keep me warm and suggest that
we might place an add for an Internet spider to catch them bugs.


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