Re: domain transition is not smooth

Daniel Long (long@SH.CS.NET)
Fri, 10 Apr 87 10:31:03 -0400

CSNET has an address "fixer" that you might try. It's fairly simple-minded but
we've found it a helpful first-step in converting mailing lists. It will
convert nicknames into official names. It checks both the NIC table and domain
servers (with MX). It also knows about non-domain style names that have since
disappeared from the NIC table.

Mail a message to "" containing no text except the
mailing list (one address per line; mailing list (one address per line; user@host is best). You will get
a reply that contains an annotated "fixed" list. No guarantees but we've
found it to be a helpful step in the conversion of mailing lists here at

Please send any comments or questions about "fixaddr" to me (


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