XNS to TCP-IP changeover on Bridge Hardware.

brian shapiro (shapiro@pdp.cs.ohiou.edu)
9 Apr 87 23:43:16 GMT

We will soon be making the change from Bridge XNS to TCP-IP on our network.
I am not sure that we are looking forward to this change (well at least
those who will have to make the change and take responsiblity for it). Is there
anyone on the net who has made this change? If so I would like to have some
input on the following:

1.) How about a general comment on Bridges release of TCP-IP.

2.) When making the change over is there a way that the current network
    configurations can be copied over so that we don't have to re-enter
    all of the port configs?

3.) I have been told that the current release of TCP-IP will boot remotely
    from our central NCS-150 controller. Is this true? I have not made
     contact with our Bridge reps yet (seems that this is not my responsiblity).

4.) Can anyone out there address the issue of compatibility with other
    TCP-IP networks?

I have to try to be honest with you folks on the net. This is really an
attempt to Cover My A.. when this new software arrives. I hope things
will go smoothly but who can say. I personally feel if it ain't broke -
don't fix it.

The above opinions are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.

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