Security or what?

Lawrence A. DeLuca, Jr. (HENRIK@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Thu, 9 Apr 87 22:17:53 EDT

More hacker vs. system programmer flamage:

Having spent some time in the MIS world (hired to be a system programmer, but
what they really needed was a high-power system manager) I have found that many
of the other "system programmers" (i was Unix, they were DOS/VSE) were reluctant
to answer questions and share information. They considered it job security. This
made it somewhat difficult when I had to make my machines talk to theirs, for
example. I have met many hackers who are equally obnoxious, but for a slightly
different (though similar) reason - "If you can't figure it out all by yourself,
you don't deserve to know."

I find either attitude in any person irritating. System programmers are no
better than anyone else.


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