ICMP As A Diagnostic Tool? (ISO)

John A. Shriver (jas@monk.proteon.com)
Thu, 9 Apr 87 11:27:26 AST

Another important aspect of ICMP echo reply is that it is Mandatory in
the TCP/IP suite (see the latest Official ARPA Internet Protocols,
where IP and ICMP are the only Mandatory protocols). Using
transport-level protocols in ISO for the same function will not be
nearly as effective, for example a router (IS in ISO parlance)
nominally has no use for transport protocols. I would recommend to
ISO designers to add a mandatory echo response at as low a level as
possible in the architecture. If the source routing trick does this,
and is a mandatory capability of ISO 8473, great. I would then ask
the implementers to provide the necessary user program.

(But enough, this discussion really belongs on the ISO mailing
list, see the CC: address...)

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