Summary of Tcp/Ip overviews (for all who asked)

Henry Nussbacher (
Thu, 09 Apr 87 11:01:35 O

Computer Networks, V7, No 5, October 1983, DOD Architecture Model
by Cerf and Cain.

Postel, J., C. A. Sunshine, and D. Cohen, "The ARPA Internet
     Protocol," Computer Networks, pp. 261-271, July 1981.

Leiner, Barry M., Robert Cole, Jon Postel, and David Mills,
     "The DARPA Internet Protocol Suite," IEEE Communica-
     tions, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 29-34, March 1985.

                               BACKGROUND RFCs

      IEN-48 The Catenet Model for Internetworking
      RFC-896 * Congestion Control in IP/TCP
      RFC-970 * On Packet Switches with Infinite Storage
      RFC-813 Window and Acknowledgement Strategy in TCP
      RFC-814 Name, Addresses, Ports, and Routes
      RFC-815 IP Datagram Reassembly Algorithms
      RFC-816 Fault Isolation and Recovery
      RFC-817 Modularity and Efficiency in Protocol Implementation
      RFC-871 * A Perspective on the ARPANET Reference Model

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