Re: Security or what?
Wednesday, 8 April 1987 15:52:16 EST


I read your message in response to Mark Cripin's flame. I only want
to comment on guru versus system programmer misunderstanding you have.

We have many people at CMU that can crack a system but are impossible to
communicate with. These people are brilliant but their personaility is very
very poor on interpersonal skills. In many cases, they are in control of
important software. There is no intent to discourage such situations by
management since all benefit....on the other hand they are not policy or
decision makers except in their own "world".

In some cases, I have dealt with people that control software and blantantly
ignore management. Management is in a position of needing them and not
feeling the issue is critical enough to fire (since they have a hard time
evaluating the situation). The result is the hacker is viewed as a guru
who controls the systems and runs it as he sees fit and management tolerates
him until he leaves.

In the final analysis, hacker is not the same as guru which is not the
same as system programmer which is not the same as system manager. Luckily,
many people have some or all of these "jobs" at the same time....makes
life interesting.


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