Re: My Broadcast

Alan R. Hill (
Wed, 8 Apr 87 10:29:50 EDT

        History indicates that "whistle blowing" is not generally appreciated
regardless of its well meaning intent. Unless DoD specifies requirements
for Unix use on the internet, I doubt that anything will change.

        Although there are lots of security problems with Unix and its
network code, I thought I would relate my experience with this type of
problem. Many years ago I had responsibility for a Unix system that
was used by competing contractors and a government agency. My job was
to prevent importation of non-approved code that could compromise the
integrity of the system. I also had to keep the various groups from
digging into each others files. I modified the access code for the
network and the file system. It took me roughly 2 hours work and
I was able to restrict access by user and source location. I also logged
all access attempts good or bad. My point is that the effort to
dramatically improve control is not costly.

        I suggest that this discussion is no longer useful to the
TCP-IP mailing list and can be continued off-line. I generally
approve of comments that will evoke an emotional response since they
will generate much more data than those that are more benign.


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