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8 Apr 87 10:02:25 GMT

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From: (Maarten Schoonwater)
Newsgroups: mod.protocols.tcp-ip,comp.sys.m68k,mod.computers.68k
Subject: TCP-IP for 68000 VERSAdos system
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Date: 8 Apr 87 10:02:23 GMT
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Organization: Oce-Nederland bv, Venlo, the Netherlands
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   We have several 68000 based systems that we need to interface with an
   Ethernet using TCP-IP protocols. The systems run under the Motorola
   VERSAdos operating system on a VME-bus. Till now we only found Unix based
   TCP-IP implementations. Support for ftp and perhaps telnet would be
   sufficient. Does anyone know of possible solutions??

   Maarten Schoonwater Usenet:
   Oce-Nederland B.V. mail : P.O. 101 5900MA Venlo
   R&D department The Netherlands

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