Re: My Broadcast

Mark Crispin (MRC%PANDA@SUMEX-AIM.Stanford.EDU)
Wed, 8 Apr 87 02:48:16 PDT

Alan -

     I consider it a given that Unix will never be "safe" (although it can
be made a lot "safer"). The whole point of my message (or flames, if you
will) was to knock a hole into some of the complacency surrounding "standard"
software. The incident that started this entire discussion demonstrated an
instance in which a particular operating system lacked a sanity check.

     It is my contention that certain (but not all) versions of this operating
system (Unix) have an endemic lack of such sanity checks. Since this operating
system is the primary operating system on the DDN it is crucial that these
oversights be corrected. Otherwise, as long as there are other operating systems
or crackers on the network there will be similar incidents.

     If I didn't care, I'd keep my mouth shut.

-- Mark --

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