Re: Access control and accountability

7 Apr 1987 13:59:42 EDT

Hank, On the "system" side is is entirely up to the operating system
that runs the hardware interface to the network. I have worked on a system
that did enforce access controls on a per user basis to the network
interfaces that were attached to it. Since the operating system
allready had a strong notion of access control it was not dificult
to add in the support for network access. But, it certainly is true
that we needed the source code to everything in sight to
make it all happen.

The early days of networking had a notion of what it was that
was being hooked up to the netowrk: a timesharing system with a
responsible adminstration ensuring some kind of access restrictions
or at least a place to call to register a complaint. Today's
technological advances have made is so that everyone on earth
is a "timesharing system administrator". Clearly the
"responsibility" for hooking up to the network has to be placed
elsewhere. The owner of the "cable" is teh obvious choice,
but that does not take into account radio based networks...

IN short: It looks like the "gateway owners" are going to
have to become the administrators of the future! Yikes, back
to the future???


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