Mailbridge homings

Dan Hoey (hoey@nrl-aic.ARPA)
7 Apr 1987 09:36:03 EST (Tue)

    Date: Mon, 6 Apr 87 15:49:02 EDT
    From: (Philip Budne)
    Subject: ICMP redirect caching

    ... The file [NIC]NETINFO:INTERNET.PINGING contains information
    regarding the care and feeding of your GATEWAYS file.

        Phil Budne, Boston University

At the end of that file is a copy of DDN MGT Bulletin 23, dated 29 Aug
1984. If you are (as I was last month) using it to find out your
mailbridge homing, you should read either
depending on which side of the mailbridges you use.

KLH, or NETINFO maintainer: Please note these filenames at the end of
INTERNET.PINGING, and maybe even remove the outdated mailbridge list.

Dan Hoey

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