Access control and accountability

Hank Nussbacher (
Tue, 7 Apr 87 12:07 IST

I have a feeling this posting might generate quite a bit of
philosphical talk - but I would like to request in advance that I am
not interested in feelings and/or emotions but rather technical solutions.

With that behind me I would like to know about solutions in Tcp/Ip for
the following two areas:

1) Access control:
   A) On a system level: How do I go about restricting the use of users
      from using Tcp/Ip? I realize that every operating system may have
      a different solution but I am interested in hearing concepts and
      whether anyone is actually doing it.
   B) On a gateway level: If I have a gateway (say something like Bridge
      or cisco) do I have any capability of performing any sort of access
      control? If yes, is this access control based on connected machines
      or can I even exercise access control on a user level (i.e. restrict
      FTP or TELNET to a certain group of users on a certain machine).

2) Accounting:
   A) System level: Is there any accounting package that can measure things
      like packet transfer (FTP always tells you how many Kb/sec you sent
      so it isn't impossible to figure out) levels and Telnet connect time?
   B) Gateway level: Is there some gateway or monitoring PC that can do
      accounting? Is the accounting per system or can it be broken down
      per user (I assume very difficult to do)?

As a side note, anyone who is up on ISO: what is the status of accounting
and access control in ISO? Has it even been thought of?

Thanks in advance,

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