Re: My Broadcast
Monday, 6 April 1987 13:34:01 EST


My two areas of frustration are abuse of mail resources and abuse of
network resources. Each year people, send mail to as many mailing lists
as they can asking to be put on them instead of the request list. Several
times a year, someone configures a mailer to cause a huge loop that causes
many megabytes of mail messages to be sent to many people on many different
systems. At least once year, I see a piece of code written under the
assumption that the network is a quiet high-speed high-relaibility
medium -- the code retransmits quickly and has very short timeouts.

Lastly, we have several systems that take a list of hosts and broadcast
messages to them to update databases. This is in the similiar flavor
of grapevine. It is not unlikely that some company could set up a
system and want a broadcast facility similiar to the one that started
up this discussion. At this point, it is no longer a security problem
but a feature.

If I had concrete improvements that I could implement, I would act on them.

Maybe the system will change to charge for mail and to charge for network
access and usage. People would then be more responsive to their utilization
of those resources.


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