Case Studies/Information needed

Mon 6 Apr 87 13:25:44-EDT

Could someone provide pointers to recent papers or studies
addressing implementation concerns of large local area networks
using TCP/IP to communicate between 10-100 VAXes (or other
larger-than-workstation system) and 1000-10,000 standalone workstations
(PCs to Suns)? I would be particularly interested in experiences
with unix, VMS or unix/VMS environments. The kind of information I
am looking for is the DOs and DON'Ts of the architecture design and
any tradeoffs that must be considered.

I have a few naive questions also. Does performance of the network
degrade as the number of hosts increases (independent of the amount of
traffic)? Does the number of hosts defined in the namespace play
a part? Can a large local area system cause a degradation in
performance of a larger group (other intenet sites not in the local

Any information would be appreciated. Please respond directly
as I am not a regular reader of this list.

Gordon Strong
gs%ee@mit-xx (Arpa)
gs@mit-eddie (uucp)

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